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Quincy Murdock - Happy Mother’s Day, To My Wonderful Mother, And All Wonderful Mother’s In World.

Since i came into this world November 12, 1991, you have always been there. My ups and my downs, I always knew Carolyn Denise Murdock aka, my mother had me. We may have argued sometimes, may have disagreed sometimes, but your love and dedication to being a great mother never changed. You the reason I grind hard. I remember you working two jobs, me barely able to see you and staying with grandma just so you could buy that birthday, christmas gift for me. Me being 28 years old, you also showed a real mother, parent really never stops being a parent or mother. I could write a book on how much a wonderful mom you are. Truth is I don’t need to. The results are the man I stand as today. I’m the result of a great, wonderful mom. So on behalf of Quincy Murdock, I

want to wish all the mothers, a Happy Mothers Day!

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